1. Introduction.

These terms and conditions, hereinafter the “Terms of Service”, govern the access and use of hera-fit.com website, hereinafter “hera-fit.com,” as defined in the point below, and its applications, functions, products and services, hereinafter and collectively; the “Site hera-fit.com,” is the owner of the site, of all the contents of the Site, of its programs and products and of all the intellectual rights related to the Site. The Terms of Service constitute the contract between you, hereinafter the “User” and hera-fit.com, You consent to the Terms of Service by accessing or using the Site. If you are not willing to consent to the Terms of Service do not access or use the Site.

2. Definitions.

User: The natural or legal person who accesses or uses the Site. The words “you” or “yours” or “yours” or similar ones refer to the Hera-fit.com User. The words “we”, “our”, other similar or “hera-fit.com,” refer to hera-fit.com, with legal status before the goverment of Cali, Colombia. Content: Means products, services, texts, figures, images, photos, sounds, video and any other form of data or information. “Your Content” and “User Content” means Content that you enter on the Site or transfer through the Site including any information that you display as part of your account or your profile. “Third Party Content” means Content made available on the Site by any person other than hera-fit.com, or the User, such as data providers that authorize hera-fit.com for it’s use on the Site. “Content hera-fit.com, means Content made available on the Site by hera-fit.com ,,” Site Content “means all Content that is made available on the Site, including Your Content, User Content, Content of Third Parties and Content of hera-fit.com,
Products: These are the marketing units that hera-fit.com offers to Users and third parties through the Site.

3. Translations.

These Terms of Service are written in Spanish but could be translated into other languages ​​if necessary. Any case of inconsistency between the versions in different languages ​​will be resolved according to the version in Spanish.

4. Modifications and updates

Hera-fit.com, may modify or update these Terms of Service at any time. The modifications will be valid and enforceable as soon as they are notified through their publication on the Site. To stay updated on the changes You should read these Terms of Service periodically. Any modification will be accepted by you from your access to the Site. Hera-fit.com, may at its sole option, discontinue or terminate the Site at any time without the need to justify cause, without prior notice, without this meaning assuming responsibility and without giving rise to claims.

5. User Accounts.

For certain uses it will be necessary for you to open an account with hera-fit.com, on the Site and to provide information about you in order to use some of the main functions. You will be required to open an account on the Site that you (a) have not previously been suspended or removed from the Site by hera-fit.com, (b) you are not a direct competitor of hera-fit.com, (c) you do not have more than one account with hera-fit.com, and (d) have full capacity to accept these Terms without meaning violation of any other agreement of which you are a party.
You will be responsible for keeping your personal password secret to access your account and for all actions related to it. You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account. We reserve the right to close your account at any time without the need to justify the cause, without prior notice, without assuming responsibility and without giving rise to claims.

6. Access and use of the Site.

The access to, and use of the Site, is permitted subject to these Terms of Service. By accessing the Site you may be exposed to objectionable, offensive, indecent, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate content. Such contents are unrelated to hera-fit.com, can not prevent or guarantee that they are entered into the Site. Therefore, you access the Site at your own risk and responsibility.

7. Commercial communication.

The data provided by the User to hera-fit.com, may be used to send commercial or promotional communication, by hera-fit.com, or other entities with hera-fit.com, have signed agreements or can sign in the future. These communications can be done by email or any other means of communication. The User gives consent for such communications.
However, the User can revoke the consent by communicating to the address info@hera-fit.com

8. Link devices.

The linking devices that appear on the Site (links, banners, buttons) are intended to inform the existence of other sources of information and provide the User access to such information. Such devices do not mean suggestion, invitation, offer or recommendation to visit such sources. Therefore hera-fit.com is not responsible for the result obtained through such links or for the information of other content provided by these links or other content search tools.

9. Restrictions of use.

You agree that you will not use the Site or collaborate with any other person to use this Site to:

Violate the law, regulations or the Terms of Service.
Threatening, intimidating, defrauding, inciting, harassing, insulting or in any way of interfering with the use that other users make of the Site.
Transmit forced or unsolicited advertising (“spam”), message chains, contests or sweepstakes, obscene or offensive information, chain sales, surveys or other mass messaging, whether commercial or otherwise.
Create a conflict of interest such as negotiating information or commercial qualification with other business or business owners or creating or promoting the creation of trick information (“shill reviews”).
Manipulate information results (“keyword spamming”).
Maliciously promote social, racial, religious, political, sexual or other discrimination or harass social minorities.
Violate intellectual property rights, privacy, confidentiality or secrecy.
Transmit pornographic information or in any illegal way.
Modify, adapt, reproduce, distribute, translate, create derived or adapted concepts, publicly display, sell, negotiate or in any way exploit the Site or the Content of the Site.
Analyze in reverse process any portion or section of the Site (“reverse engineering”).
Remove or modify any notice or legend of copyright, trademark or other right of the Site or of printed or copied material from the Site.
Record, process or appropriate information about other users.
Use any device, process or means to access, remove, start or index the Site or the Content of the Site (“robor, spider, site search / retrieval”).
Access, remove, or index the Site for the purpose of building databases on information on the Site.
Reform or distort any portion or section of the Site.
To take any action imposed or at the discretion of hera-fit.com, may impose an unreasonable or disproportionate burden on the technological infrastructure of the Site.
Attempt to obtain unauthorized access to the Site, user accounts, systems or networks connected to the Site through hacking, unauthorized use of passwords, passwords or by any other means; use the Site or any Site Content to transmit computer viruses (“viruses, worms, Trojan horses”) or other similar harmful means, use any device, program or routine that interferes with the proper work of the Site, make excessive traffic demands , use the Site to violate the security of any computer network or computer system, break passwords, passwords or encrypted security codes, interfere with or damage the security of the Site or Site Content, remove, bypass, disable, damage or in any way interfere with the security devices of the Site or with devices that prevent or restrict the use or copy of the Site Content or devices that put into action the limitations of the use of the Site.

10. Permission to use Your Content.

hera-fit.com, may use Your Content in various forms, including as an example its display on the Site, reformatting it, incorporating it to advertisements or other functions, creating derived functions, promoting it, distributing it and allowing others to do so in relation to its own websites or other media (“Other Media”). In that sense, you irrevocably grant us your authorization to use Your Content for any purpose. You also irrevocably grant your authorization for users of the Site or users of Other Media to access Your Content in connection with their use of the Site or Other Media.

By accepting the terms and conditions you are authorizing hera-fit.com, to process your personal data, which includes; collection, circulation, storage, updating, use, transmission, transfer and deletion for:

a) Communicate the products and services of hera-fit.com, and inform the new ones, b) Comply with obligations with suppliers, contractors, clients, contractors and employees, c) Evaluate the service and carry out internal studies. As user declares that: a) Knows the rights and obligations of data processing; how to require proof of authorization and revoke authorization etc. c) He has been informed of the non-obligatory nature of answers related to religious, political, sexual, ethnic, biometric and health beliefs.
By accepting the terms and conditions of hera-fit.com, I am expressly and irrevocably authorizing hera-fit.com, or whoever acts as creditor; to consult, supply, request, report, process my information, credit behavior, payment habits, as many times as necessary, at any time and in general the fulfillment of my pecuniary obligations to DATACRÉDITO EXPERIAN or any other similar entity existing in the country.

11. Responsibility for Your Content.

It is not allowed to make notes or comments that for the exclusive criteria of hera-fit.com, have the following characteristics:

That violate privacy.
That they are contrary to laws, morality, good manners, that advocate crime, that are violent or instigate to commit crimes.
Containing falsehoods, foul language, obscene, offensive or discriminatory.
That imply offenses or attacks against Users of the Site or third parties in any way, such as for example that they contain insults, insults, slander, harassment, threats, false denunciations, grievances, defamations or pornography.
Containing expressions that may endanger physical or mental health.
You are solely responsible for Your Content and assume all risks associated directly or indirectly with Your Content. You assume exclusively all liability to third parties if Your Content violates or affects the rights of others. You assume exclusively all responsibility towards hera-fit.com, and assume the obligation to compensate immediately and satisfactorily to hera-fit.com, for any claim of any kind by third parties that may be caused by your access to the Site, Your use of the Site, Your Content or your breach of the Terms of Service.
Hera-fit.com, may at its sole discretion remove or modify Your Content in the event that it violates our guidelines or policies. Hera-fit.com is not obligated to provide you with copies of Your Content or guarantee its privacy.
Hera-fit.com, may display advertising and other information adjacent to your content without you being entitled to compensation for it.

The values, rates, percentages shown on this page are merely informative and exemplary at any time will be considered as mandatory data or that bind as mandatory to hera-fit.com

12. Limitation of liability.

Hera-fit.com, makes the Site available in the form in which it exists and with the risks that may be involved. Hera-fit.com, does not guarantee or assume responsibility for any consequence of the use of the Site by the User or by third parties or for the Content of the Site, Third Party Content or hera-fit.com Content, or for damages that may be suffered by the User or third parties. In this sense hera-fit.com, does not assume responsibility towards the User or against third parties for direct, indirect, efficient, incidental, punitive, consequential damages or loss of profit or moral damage or damage to the image or reputation.

In the event that the User does not have full legal or factual capacity, he / she must not access or use the Site. Hera-fit.com, will not be responsible for any consequence that may derive from access or use of the Site by Users who are in the conditions of this clause.

13. Information about Users.

Hera-fit.com, does not guarantee or assure nor assumes responsibility for the identity of the User nor the veracity, validity and authenticity of the data and information that Users provide about themselves, about other Users or that they make accessible to other Users.

14. Cookies.

Hera-fit.com, may use cookies to improve the service, which are installed on the User’s computer. Cookies are installed when the Site is accessed. The User consents to such use of cookies. If the User does not want the cookies to be installed, he must delete them or configure his computer so that he does not receive them. In these cases the speed and quality of the service of hera-fit.com, may decrease.

15. Independence

Hera-fit.com, is a company absolutely independent of the User and third parties who may access or use the Site. The access or use of the Site does not create or be construed as creating a corporate, associative, business or employment relationship between hera-fit.com, the User and / or the third parties.

16. Jurisdiction.

Hera-fit.com, depending on the case, may act as a broker or intermediary agent for its knowledge of the market, with the task of linking two or more people, in order to celebrate a commercial business, without being linked to the parties by relations of collaboration, dependence, mandate or representation, protected by the Colombian Commercial Code under article 1340.

The Terms of Service are governed by the laws of the Republic of Colombia. For all hera-fit.com litigation, the User and the third parties assume the exclusive jurisdiction of the judges with seat in the city of Cali, who are competent.